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A unique interactive and recreational body catering essentially to members of Parliament present and past, had taken shape in the capital in the year 1995 with the formal registration of the PARLIAMENTARIANS CLUB OF INDIA. The registration of the Club is a culmination of the long-drawn efforts by a few eminent MPs with vision and dedication of purpose, across party lines, to have an institutional set up for members of Parliament where they could spend their spare time for recreational, social, cultural, intellectual activities as also discuss in a relaxed atmosphere with their colleagues, professionals, experts, senior bureaucrats, media-persons, leaders of public opinion and others on matters of national, International and topical importance. Such discussions which are above partisan politics and sectarian religion, besides being mutually educative, provide members of Parliament and others in general with a sense of perspective which is as very necessary in the discharge of their duties in and outside the Parliament. What is unique about the Club and its activities is its non- formal forum, untrammelled by party disciplines and ideologies where freewheeling discussions can take place while members unwind themselves after day long hectic & exhaustive business in the Parliament. The Club is set up to provide sustainable recreational and health giving activities besides many more attractions, which are central to any club life. In short, the Club seek to combine in itself the cheers and attractions with the rigour and ardours of a serious study circle. We wish to be a consensus group working in the overall interest of Public.

The Concept:

The core idea of Parliamentarians club of India is to unite parliamentarians & professionals beyond the boundaries of their professions for interaction & suitable consensus on matters of public interest in a relaxed environment conducive to those temperaments. Thus making the club a platform for exchanges of ideas of creativity, socialising and & networking.

To exchange amongst various social cultural, business groups & to facilitate the flow of discussions and give a refreshing new leisurely getaway to the members by bringing people from diverse backgrounds closure to intellectual discussions of parliamentarians.

To unite its members and develop a new forum for meaningful discussions on ideas, issues and opinions, breaking the barriers between the parliamentarians and the thinkers.

To make available privileges, concessions in public restaurants, clubs, hotels etc. and recreational hang out for the members, giving them a break from their daily chores & to keep on targeting similar other awareness.

To offer entertainment activities like filming, celebrating festivities, competitions, cultural activities and to provide a restraints free and cordial atmosphere to maximise the interactivity between the members.

To initiate press conferences, seminars, interviews, social get together to maximise the interactivity between the members.

To make available news, view & other visionary approaches of the authorities that matter, Periodicals, Newsletters summarising the club’s present, past and planned future endeavours would be circulated to keep the information flowing amongst the members about the clubs.

To motivate Media & Professional on the uniqueness of the concept

a modified version is still under consideration

The formation of the club is mainly the vision of Shri Anand Gopal Bhatnagar, a facilitator & a visionary who took upon himself the onerous task of fulfilling the long cherished need of members of Parliament. Shri Bhatnagar has been closely associated with the members of parliament for all these years & has been instrumental in the forefront in espousing worthy causes and practices of national interest. His missionary zeal and vigorous pursuit have influenced government thinking on various issues and practices. Enlisting the involvement of NRIs in nation building activities & practices, revamping the Small Scale Industry, the unorganised sector and environment with unabated zeal and assiduity. In all these activities he has been maintaining close links with leaders of public opinion and captains of Trade, Commerce & Industry. At the infrastructure level, Shri Bhatnagar has been closely associated with the Non-Resident Indian Chamber of commerce & Industry, Forum of Parliamentarians for NRIs and Overseas Indian Peoples Foundations, Parliamentarians Environment Group besides a host of public-spirited members of Parliament and members of State Legislative Assemblies. Shri Bhatnagar is also a Journalist in his own right.

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